Tuesday, February 9, 2010


There is a little red hawk that I see on my way to work. He sits on the top limbs of a dead tree or a street light along the junction of southbound highway 41 and westbound 180 (Fresno residents will know where I’m talking about). I first spotted him about 6 months ago. After that, I started looking for him every day, right after the McKinley exit. I keep watching until my exit; Blackstone / Belmont. I find him about half of the time, and because I find him so regularly, I expect to see him. I assume he’s somewhere nearby.

He convicts me. I wish that I was as regularly on the lookout for God’s work. Is it because I’m not as expectant? Does my lack of expectancy keep me from spotting God’s work that is often right in front of my nose? I think that can be changed by intentionality. I’m not looking for my feathered friend by accident. Every day I choose to look for him. I can make a similar choice to look for God as I move through my day.

One week from tomorrow five of us will travel back to Swaziland and also South Africa. We will walk dirt roads and goat trails with people who, day-after-day, are serving and caring for their HIV positive neighbors. I’m hoping (believing) that they will spot Jesus in us; I know that the people they serve spot Jesus in them Jesus in them, day-after-day . . . week-after-week.

At least a few times we will post our “sighting” here, so you can celebrate with us and pray for us. Please check back regularly.


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