Friday, July 17, 2009

Building relationships in Swaziland

So we have been here for about two and a half days now and have seen a lot of things. It’s different here, obviously, and as a team we are getting to know each other more and more. Today we had a chance to go out into the community with the caregivers in Dwaleni. Along the way we met a man, who was sitting on a mat outside his hut. He was in pain, thin, and his feet were very swollen. He doesn’t want to go to the clinic where he can get help. The language barrier has been a challenge but even so, it takes no words to see someone that is in pain nor does it take any words to read the face of a man such as this. Walking back from the visit I was contemplating how much I had no right to complain that I’m in pain or have had no sleep when this man lives like this 24/7 and I get to go back to a house with running water, electricity, and the ability to take a pain killer and even a sleeping pill to help ease my slight discomfort. Then this young girl came running up and decided to attach her self to me. I think she was about 12 and from what I gather, is alone. She is not in school which here we have been told is a sign of an orphan. I can’t help but remember my self at that age and I can’t imagine living like she does.

These care takers of the community have such big hearts. They care deeply for their people and want to do something to make a difference. The way they show the love of Christ is very hands on, and speaks so much about the very core of the heart of the Father. We have not done much by our standards but I’m sure we will never know just how much a simple smile, a hand shake, a hug, or even just a gentle touch truly means to them. Nor are we fully aware of how God can use those things to encourage, strengthen, and even bring a little joy to their day. So in all I’m doing I’m trying to remember that it’s not about what I’M doing it’s about what He is doing through me while I’m here.

There is so much more I know I could and should share, but for now I should stop… seeing as we are having a meeting as I type this and I should pay attention. ;) It’s beautiful here… and I’m just trying to keep my eyes and my ears and my heart open to what God is speaking and trying to show me.

So until next time … Be blessed and count your blessings knowing as an American reading this on your computer or one you are lucky enough to have access to, you are already better off than SO many others.


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