Sunday, July 5, 2009

Madrid...soon to be South Africa

One and all,

Wendi and I made it this far...Madrid. We have had a lovely travel experience, except for the two lost bags at the moment, and the fact that we haven't slept but maybe 6-8 hours in the last 48. Because we had such a loonnng layover, we tried to enjoy seeing Madrid in all its glory. And, now we are waiting to board to Johannesburg. In regards to the lost luggage - yes, we have two out of four of our checked bags lost in outer space. Hopefully, the airlines will find them, but I decided as I was in Madrid, dealing with all kinds of airline people - I needed to learn Spanish. So, please hold me to that. I should not travel internationally again, until I can say "Where is my bag?" and various other things in ALL kinds of languages.

In dealing with all of sorts of people in airports the last couple of days, I have learned more about how to love people. If you have ever flown with me, you might know that I get impatient in regards to airline workers that have no answers, and I gently guide them into finding out the answers, or else. I do not always have grace and patience for these people. So, I hope that this love that I am trying to learn for people will carry us into the ministry that we will be doing in Swaziland. Even on the travel over to a country, we are going to have to learn new things and release control of the situation.

Wendi and I are excited to get into Swaziland and begin all of the things that have been laid out before us to do. Our project planning and partnership making will begin as soon as we land. We have hope that our Swazi friends will learn as much as we do when we are with them. Please pray for us as we (humans) are looking for lost luggage. We do know that God knows where the luggage is, so we just hope He informs someone else. Also, please pray for rest, and health. The team that is coming next weekend will need prayer then as well. Thank you Lord that you have prepared a way for us ahead of time, and into that we go!

To Grace, Patience, and Swaziland!



  1. Oh Sis! I'm glad you all are safe. I love the "Gently" part! ;) You crack me up! looking forward to seeing you SOOOOON!

  2. Praying that your luggage will be waiting patiently for you when you arrive!