Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hobbes the zebra

You know you are in Africa when you look out the window and there is a zebra outside.

I am in love.

We’ve had a bit of variety in our outings the last few days. Monday we met up with the Luke Commission, a medical team that goes out to remote areas and gives medical care to those who need it, along with HIV testing and vision testing. The highlight for me, once again, was the children. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I pointed my camera at the crowd of kids gathered to the side. A few moments later I realized that every time my flash went off the crowd inched closer and closet to me. Before long I was SURROUNDED on all sides by them, and every time I took a picture they all would raise their hands and cheer! The coolest thing about the day was that we had the privilege of being able to hand out Christmas boxes from Samaritan’s Purse. Although it was a little strange to see Christmas wrapping paper at the end of July, it made no difference to the kids as they ripped open the boxes and pulled out all their new treasures. I wish I had put down my camera and handed out a few boxes myself, but I couldn’t stop taking pictures of their precious faces! I thought about the boxes that my friend and I had packed two years ago, and it was incredible to see the end result of it. I will never let another Christmas pass without packing another Samaritian’s Purse Christmas box!

Yesterday we went to the Hlane reserve, and got up close and personal with some of God’s most incredible creations. I felt like I had jumped through the TV and into the Discovery Channel. Amazing! Rhinos, giraffes, elephants, a lion, impala, nyala, hippos…my childhood dream of an African safari has been fulfilled.

Last night we stayed at the Mananga Lodge. Although our farmhouse is quaint and wonderful, it was nice having the luxuries of more modern facilities for a night. (Well, as luxurious as you can get in Swaziland anyway). And of course, we got to meet Hobbes, the owner’s pet zebra. I can now say that I have officially pet a zebra.. yet another dream come true! I’ve decided I want one of my own. He is the sweetest little guy, and he comes in and out of the buildings as he pleases. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know he’s a zebra. This morning Bree and I were up early, and took a stroll around the grounds in our pjs, and chased after some very strange birds (which looked more like walking mushrooms than birds).

Today we will be visiting Herefords, which is were the Hope Rises team has gone in past years. I can’t wait to meet more new friends! Time to get ready!



  1. hey melissa! i hope you're having an amazing time and that God is showing you how much LOVE HE has! take lots of photos! love ya!

  2. Hi Melissa! Great hearing from you and knowing that you are safe and that God is giving you a wonderful life changing experience. Mark had to tell me how to post this comment cuz my last one did not show. Your passion reminds me of me... guess you did get some of my genes afterall! Can't wait to hear and see your photos!! Love you and be safe!! MOM

  3. Hey Melisser! How did I not know this blog was here!? I canna WAIT to see you, and to share stories and adventures.
    I miss you. I've already bought you a present. But I'm poor, so don't expect anything grand.
    All my love,