Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goodbye Swaziland from Lauren Anin

Wow. The last day came so quickly. Who knew such deep friendships could be formed in such a small amount of time? We have met lifelong friends here; brothers and sisters to whom we are connected to by a loving, merciful God. It’s overwhelming the amount of work to be done here. However, it is also overwhelming to see the hands and feet of those doing amazing works here already. What the caregivers do; how far they walk, how hard they work, and the things they see day in and day out; is almost too wonderful to understand. They are truly the image of Jesus we all should strive toward being. I can only hope to bring home a fraction of their grace and faithfulness; to completely give of myself as a servant to Christ.

                                                                                                            Lauren (Tibusiso)

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