Saturday, July 21, 2012

It is so hard for me to express all the emotions I have experienced in these few days.  I feel so much love from the women in Swaziland, you can feel the love they have for the Lord.  Yesterday I was given the opportunity to serve along side a caregiver.  I assisted, Shorty, the caregiver in wound cleaning to an elderly man named John.  He has a leg wound that is badly infected.  He lost all his toes in his right foot, looked like ½ his right foot was amputated.  I felt so much love and compassion for John.  He was so greatful for our prayers and visit; he had such a warm spirit.  I see poverty, but I also see  the  love they have for the Lord.   Today, I was given my Swazi name, Thoko which stands for happiness. 

Thank you for the opportunity through your donations, making it possible for me to be the feet and hands of Jesus. Continue to pray for our team and the purpose God has for us here.

Angie Reyes

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