Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sanibonani Swaziland
In just a week a group of men and women from Fresno will be traveling again to Swaziland to serve with the caregivers from Shiselweni Home-Based Care.  We will be helping to assemble and deliver wheelchairs from Free Wheelchair Mission.  We will be taking over bras and caps that have been collected by many of our friends and family members in Fresno.  These aren't really needs, but rather just offered as gifts that will bless the SHBC caregivers.  What is needed is adult diapers, and our friends have also helped us gather up many packages of these for us to take.  We will also be making jewelry with the artisans (and caregivers) from The Bambanani Project.  We'll be bringing home many of their pieces to sell here in the US, helping them with a sustainable income.

We will try to post a few entries and pictures on this blog from teammembers while we're gone.  We'll appreciate your prayers for effective work and relationship building.  Check in throughtout July for updates.  Sala Kahle for now!!


  1. We're excited for all of you. I'm looking forward to all the updates and will make sure to post them with everyone.

  2. The staff at Converge PacWest will be praying for you while you're away on your mission. The LORD bless you and keep you!