Saturday, July 21, 2012

I’ve loved experiencing this trip through the eyes of people who are filled with anticipation about Swaziland and its people; especially the SHBC caregivers who we are serving with.  God is filling this trip with laughter and tears.  Our Swazi friends are loving on our team, and the team is really loving on our Swazi friends. 

One image that jumps out to me as I think back on the past few days is a young boy of maybe 11 years, carrying his baby brother on his back to come to the care point for food.  These brothers are classified as OVC (orphan or vulnerable child) because they have lost one or both of their parents.  They might live in a homestead with a GoGo or an aunt or uncle.  The likelihood is however, is that they do not have a home with the kind of care and love that two parents provide.  Most surely, they must do a lot of fending for themselves, and are in many ways robbed of what we in America would consider a “normal childhood.”  While this might not be common in Swaziland, I know that neither is it unusual. 

Wendi - Khanyisile

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