Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sanibonani from Swaziland! We are at the end of day two… Which is an interesting feeling in that, as we discussed as a team tonight, each day feels like an all encompassing experience that leaves us exhausted (feeling like we’ve been here longer), energized (feeling blessed for the time we’ve been given), and excited (wishing we could stay even longer). I, personally, have been astonished by the amount of information I have consumed in just the past couple of days. I have learned so much about this community, these caregivers, and, through the aforementioned, about Christ; and we still have 6 days to go! Tonight, we discussed as a team what we hoped to accomplish in the remainder of our time here. For me, it would be that I continue to learn, as much as I can, about what God is doing here in Swaziland and what my role in His plan would be. I would ask that friends and family continue to pray for our team, as well as for the caregivers and community members that we are encountering. They truly serve others the way Christ served others, and we can only hope to bring back their zest for that commission.

In Him - Lauren Annin (Tibusiso – my Swazi name)   

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  1. Sanibonni from Fresno! Sounds like you are all having a great time and feeling the blessings of friendship with the beautiful people of Swaziland and SHBC! As I read your posts it brings back so many memories of my trips to Swaziland and makes me with I were there with you. I know that as much as your hearts are being touched so are those of the people you are meeting and seeing each day...blessings all around! Enjoy each day and experience, there are many more memories and friends to be made!